25 January 2011

the civil wars

One of my favorite bands, the civil wars, just released their newest video and I wanted to share. i saw them last year at David Crowder's Fantastical Music Conference and fell in love. They were simply amazing and very fun to watch in concert. I just love their folksy indie flare. If anyone remembers old-school Christian singer Joy Williams...well this is her collaboration with John Paul White, who I must say heavily resembles Johnny Depp. They are about to release their new album. I have every intention of going to see them in concert in either Waco (March 14) or Austin (March 15) or maybe both! So go check it out...

24 January 2011


how else to celebrate your 24th birthday than at chuck-e-cheese? our familee's tradition is to celebrate at the CEC no matter your age. gotta love it. i had a great birthday both with my fam and at work. my co-workers bought me a super massive balloon and a camera case for my new camera! they were sneaky and even called shannon to see what I needed. so here's to 24 years...



we really get into it. las definitely has a ticket in her hair.

mariokart = best game ever.

katherine. audrey. lauren.

david is a carny who beats every CEC game.


biggest birthday balloon ever from worky.

love me some GACC.


Our familee headed to warren,tx during the holidays. my grandparents still own the house my great-grandma used to live in. we used to come here all the time when we were little, so everyone has such fun memories. my grandparents recently bought the house next door to the other one so we had a fun time going to visit. best part of the trip is when grandma starting crying because we were all there together having so much fun. she said that granny would have loved to see us all out there...

the pond

audrey....what a cutie



eleni. our newest blessing from ethiopia.

gavin. jerry. clarky. aud.

carlos. newest jacobkalan family member.

charlotte. audrey. greenlee.

david aka thai-thai.

heart melting.

yeah this is my mom. trying to pole vault with a stick. go bethers.
get it.

got it.

good. great.

joshy. bethers.


yeah that's my momma.

miss her.


clarky. calvin. lukeface.

kendra. shannon.

23 January 2011

christmas 2010

few pictures from Christmas...

the yarn & ornament wreath i made. real simple but time consuming. love it.

felt garland

Salado stroll with Bex and Chels

christmas lunch at cheeves with the co-workers.

aprons i made for the girls

family christmas 2010

back to blogging.

new year. new camera. back to blogging. hopefully I will be better at this than I was before. here we go....

thanks bethers & glen for the best christmas/bday present. unlike some people i totes don't mind the combo gift. love it.