08 August 2011


The past couple weeks have been non-stop and thankfully this week I will be in one place for more than a couple days. In the past month I've been to Galveston to Beaumont to Temple to Austin to Temple to Beaumont to Temple to College Station to Beaumont to Austin to Temple to Tyler and back to Temple. It's safe to say that I have been busy! This past month leaving my job and focusing full-time on support raising has been hard, humbling, encouraging, but awesome. God has proven so faithful in every aspect and really given me a lot of favor. I am so blessed by those who are willing to sacrifice what they have in order to support me for the next two years. Although it has been hard at times and tedious and uncomfortable I know that it is worth it in the end as I so desperately long to be in Thailand.

The best part has been the quality time I've gotten to spend with people I don't often see. Since my love language is quality time I have felt so loved and blessed with great times of fellowship and encouragement from my friends and family.

A couple weeks ago I got the opportunity to meet up with Clay & Megan Sandoz who are also missionaries with UWM...and they are pretty awesome. They served in Belgium for 2 years and are getting ready to leave for Prague long-term. We also just so happened to all be at A&M at the same time! We had a great time sharing stories and it was awesome to get to listen to their experiences over their time served. They even visited the Thailand team I will be joining and went on and on about what an amazing team they were. Little do they know now that we are great friends I get to come visit them in Prague! Get excited...

It is crazy to think that in less than a month I will be headed to training. Today I started to clean out and packing a few boxes. Sad day. I am definitely going to miss all the sweet time I have shared with Josh, Shannon, Audrey, Clarky, Alex, and Elle Belle. It has been the most fun and I am dreading the day when I leave all my babies behind to come back and find that they are such big kids. As in the words of Audrey "I will cry my balls out." She definitely meant to say "Bawl my eyes out." That's why I love that kid.

Anyway, I will leave with some quick highlights of the past month...

elly belly's 1st birthday

father's day. seriously, how cute is this?


what a great dad.

alex. turned 2 in July.

love this little cutie, eleni.

other brother quality time.

elle & bethers. unfortunately she has inherited her dad's facial expressions.

highlight of my life. watching the aunts dance with the kinect.

annual crawfish boil


some very important ladies in my life. grandma + mom + all the aunts.

HP7P2. Yes, I did love it. Yes, I did ask the guy the concession stand if I could have a butterbeer. Yes, I did ask the ticket guy if he would take a picture. And yes, he said NO!

finally got to go see Chels at camp. miss my bestie. and I got to go to Canton so I can cross that off the bucket list in my head.

reunited with the bigs.