18 July 2011

through the gates

I'm currently reading Through Gates of Splendor by Elisabeth Elliot and my mind is filled with so many emotions. Joy. Fear. Anxiety. Passion. Excitement. Delight. Reverence. Sadness. I know I am a little late in reading this but I really felt that it was important to read from those who sacrificed their lives sharing the gospel. Reading the stories of their missionary journeys is so encouraging to me. God really does take normal people like myself and is able to work through them to do amazing things for His glory. The excerpts Elisabeth shares from her husband's, Jim, journals are beyond words. His words are filled with so much wisdom and eloquence and true passion and love for Christ.

Only the love of Christ could move a man into an area where he knew that it was a strong possibility that he would be killed. He truly understood what it meant to love Christ and he was going to do whatever it took to share it. How I long for that to be me. How I long for my heart to be like his. How I long to be that passionate about my God that nothing could ever hinder my pursuit of Him. How I long to have the love of Christ wipe away all my fear and all my fleshly desires. Lord I pray that I would love you like this.

"I only hope that He will let me preach to those who have never heard that name Jesus. What else is worthwhile in this life? I have heard of nothing better, 'Lord send me!' " Jim Elliot

Any other reading suggestions?