about me


i'm Jen.  i live in bangkok, thailand.  right now i'm learning thai...help!  i love jesus, he's pretty awesome.  i'm pretty sure moving here is the hardest/best thing i've ever done.  i never really imagined myself living somewhere abroad but what do you know here i am.  god is a funny dude sometimes.  i really love and miss my family and friends.  i love to travel.  quality time is my love language.  i love taking pictures because i can capture a memory for forever.  i love my nieces and nephews like no others business.  i love to bake, sew, and craft, but am limited in my doings now that i downsized my life into 3 suitcases.  i eat rice for almost every meal.  i love to sing...loudly and constantly.  i'm just a girl trying to bring light to the darkness.    

the end.

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